Terms and Service

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products, services and websites offered by CARDHORSE or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies. In addition, where more detailed information is needed to explain our privacy practices, we post supplementary privacy notices to describe how particular services process personal information.

We understand that in the course of delivering our numerous products/ services to you via the net, we will come across certain information pertaining to your good self which, to our mind, are purely personal and may even be classified information but for the existing relationship which dictates that you shall either fill them in and/or divulge same in order to be linked to our site. CARDHORSE will handle the information in this manner:

Use Of Information

When you sign up for any CARDHORSE Service or promotion that requires registration, we ask you for personal information (such as your name, email address and an account password). For certain services, such as our payment services, we require your debit or credit card information. We typically do not store this information and when we do, we maintain the data in encrypted form on secure servers. We may combine the information you

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